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Every step of my professional career, be it selling medical devices, contract negotiations with health insurance companies, product launches or employee management, was a valuable learning experience for me. I am endlessly grateful for all the superiors and colleagues who shared their knowledge with me and challenged and supported me. Because it's not just the successes that have shaped me, but also the errors and mistakes that have made me grow. 

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Throughout my career I have developed a number of skills:  

My greatest strength lies in my comprehensive understanding of the German healthcare system and the successful commercialization of medical devices.

I can quickly grasp complex relationships, identify problems and show solutions.  I take into account the possibilities of financing, assertiveness and sustainability.  

My quick comprehension, my strong communication skills and my analytical skills help me to understand, evaluate and further develop my counterpart's arguments.

I benefit from my empathetic and positive demeanor, which quickly builds trust with my conversation partners. 

If you would like to know more about me, just click on my CV or contact me.


Trust is the basis for collaboration for me. 

honesty For me, it means being able to address problems openly and constructively in order to work sustainably and result-oriented.  

Under Transparency I don't just understand how to explain HOW, but first the WHY must be understood.

Appreciation is a matter close to my heart, and especially in times of high workload it is vital.

Reflection For me it means taking time to reflect on situations and learn from them. It is an important component for personal development. 

Social footprint

I would really like to share my success. That's why a donation from every order is passed on to people in need and/or non-profit organizations. I'll be happy to keep you updated on where these donations go.

I am also aware that not every company or person has the same financial resources at their disposal. That's why I would like to work with you to find a suitable way to finance my services.


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